What I can do for you

Coaching is about finding the right perspective that enables you to move from where you are to where you want to be – be it  personal, relational or career-wise. Change has a twin called “Fear” – the fear of the unknown. That’s why we resist it and prefer to stay in our comfort zone, even if in reality it’s not at all comfortable.

Having somebody on your side while entering new territory, who holds up your vision when you are in danger of loosing it, somebody who has the clarity to present the right questions at the pivotal time – this can be absolutely critical in your pursuit of a life that really matters.

I am that somebody for my clients.

My Book

Anatomie eines Wunders

Die wahre Geschichte einer
unglaublichen Befreiung

What my Clients say

“Marianne is the best investment in myself that I have yet made. I came in disconnected and my agency in tatters – I come out of the process having reclaimed a major part of my agency and filled with excitement to reconnect to me again…
Management Consultant, Italy
"Three months of online coaching with Marianne have fundamentally changed my approach to my work--and helped stave off an impending mid-life crisis…
Louise S.
Director with Digital Societies Programme, UK
“Coaching with Marianne was extraordinary. With her clarity, openness, and her direct approach she was able to guide me on a road to personal growth, I didn’t believe I could walk. On this walk she challenged me often and gave me the courage to overcome superficialities and excuses…
Berno P.
Civil Servant, Germany
“Dear Marianne, I cannot tell you how grateful I am that our paths crossed. It really gave me a better understanding of myself (especially the notion of highly sensitive people), and this has had such a positive impact on me! Things that I used to beat myself up about, now make perfect sense and I’m so grateful for this. I think I am on my way to truly start living. Thank you!”…
Nairobi, Kenya
“I appreciated her active listening techniques and the varied "homework" exercises she had me do between sessions, which helped make our discussions more targeted and useful.I have already highly recommended her services to several friends and colleagues and am sure that I will have further coaching sessions in future.”…
Foreign Correspondent & Former Bureau Chief, Berlin

"Having a choice in life is not a given. We have to choose to have a choice. Only then new horizons open up."

– Marianne Glaeser

Marianne's Insights

“Writing helps me to process and deepen what I’ve experienced and to share it with others. Sometimes I am surprised myself where my words are taking me…”