Marianne Glaeser

Personal Background

I am Austrian by nationality and a global citizen by heart, having lived 15 years in three different countries of Africa, 2 years in Laos/Asia and 4 years in Rome/Italy. My youngest son’s first birth certificate was Malawian, my eldest did his A-levels in Kenya and my middle son got his IB in Laos. The variety of cultures and life-perspectives I have been privileged to witness have shaped me deeply. I have been married since 1987 to a wonderful man, who I have shared a quite colourful life with: not only have we travelled the world, but we are both actively involved in our inner journeys, which surely is just as adventurous; the ups and downs of a life in relationship have created the basis of trust that only time can offer -something I don’t take for granted and that I’m truly grateful for.

Professional Experience

Having worked as a counsellor and coach with all levels of society on three different continents is surely one of my most eminent assets I bring to the Coaching process. The insights I have gained from these experiences plus my deep joy in witnessing people’s growth, earn me my clients’ permission to support and challenge them in their pursuit of a fulfilled life. I have acquired a rich selection of ‘tools’ in the course of my professional development. Starting off as a teacher utilising music and movement for awareness training, I focused on adult education with an emphasis on body-language and self-perception. My Master’s in Counselling led me to trauma-and relationship work and allowed me to witness some of the darkest corners of our human experiencing and how people get out of there. These experiences have deepened my trust in the human capacity to heal and move forward.

My Education


Master’s Degree (MA) in Counselling: Manchester University, U.K

Training and Accreditation in Life-Coaching: CoachU/International Coaching Federation

Teacher’s Degree for Education through Music and Movement: University of Music and Performing Arts, Vienna

Trauma Counselling: Hap Training Institute USA: EMDR Training (‘Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing’)

Encounter-centered Couple Therapy: Hedy & Yumi Schleifer, London

Couple-Counselling: University of Central Florida

Toastmasters International: Certificate “Competent Communicator”

Training in “Spiritual Direction”: Jesuit Training Center Vienna