Marianne is the best investment in myself that I have yet made. I came in disconnected and my agency in tatters – I come out of the process having reclaimed a major part of my agency and filled with excitement to reconnect to me again.

She came into my life at a major crossroad and from the very beginning I knew that she “got me”.  Her commitment to driving out and establishing the reason and define the objective of why I was there was commendable. Her ability to actively listen, replay back what she’s heard and then work towards practical steps that lead to the objective was impressive – she did that with care, confidence, and the ability to “hold me” - I went into each session very open as I trusted in her totally.

Management Consultant, Italy

Three months of online coaching with Marianne have fundamentally changed my approach to my work--and helped stave off an impending mid-life crisis. Marianne combines a super-sympathetic approach with an amazing ability to uncover what is really going on. I had to work hard, there's no doubt about that, but the payoff has been immense. I couldn't recommend her more highly.

Louise Shaxson
Director, Digital Societies Programme at Overseas Development Institute, UK

Coaching with Marianne was extraordinary. With her clarity, openness, and her direct approach she was able to guide me on a road to personal growth, I didn’t believe I could walk. On this walk she challenged me often and gave me the courage to overcome superficialities and excuses. Her enormous empathy made it easy for me to open up and be honest to myself. Marianne knew which buttons to push, to keep me going when the weather got rough or the rear view mirror was more tempting than the look ahead. One of the most important ingredients in our coaching: even when the road got rough, there was always time for a good laugh.

For anyone who is determined to achieve personal growth and is willing to roll up the sleeves, I can highly recommend Marianne as a coach.

Berno P.
Civil Servant, Germany

Dear Marianne, I cannot tell you how grateful I am that our paths crossed. It really gave me a better understanding of myself (especially the notion of highly sensitive people), and this has had such a positive impact on me! Things that I used to beat myself up about, now make perfect sense and I’m so grateful for this. I think I am on my way to truly start living. Thank you!


I approached Marianne during quarantine under the context of the COVID-19 pandemic. I had lost motivation (for almost everything) and knew I just wasn’t myself. Despite having contacted other professionals (e.g. staff counsellor, etc.), I didn’t find myself connecting with their suggestions or feeling heard. When I contacted Marianne, I was struck by her talent for truly hearing and listening – and her willingness to acknowledge that my concerns were not solely a result of “Covid-19 quarantine”. I appreciated the depth and scope of our sessions: nothing was taboo, she was willing to untangle and work through many areas of interest and concern, and she did this with depth. I never felt that we only “brushed the surface”, I always felt that we were able to dig down to the essence of issues at hand and could work through from there. Marianne is very approachable in her coaching style and she is capable of bringing insights into the coaching sessions which have helped me reframe situations and approach difficult decisions with more confidence and clarity. I happily recommend her to anyone seeking coaching and guidance.

International Consultant, United Nations, Italy

I am a working mother who has lived in several different countries so I found Marianne's background of living and working in different countries which also raising a family appealing. I came to Marianne as I was thinking about making a major career change. She helped me think through my priorities and reflect on my objectives so that I feel more comfortable with my current work-life balance. I appreciated her active listening techniques and the varied "homework" exercises she had me do between sessions, which helped make our discussions more targeted and useful. I have already highly recommended her services to several friends and colleagues and am sure that I will have further coaching sessions in future.

foreign correspondent and former bureau chief for an international news agency

Marianne was terrific in helping me to zero in on my professional and personal goals and systematically evaluate my priorities. Her style is warm, upbeat and supportive but backed up by a strong analytical approach that allowed me to get right to the heart of the matter. She is also a remarkably good listener, picking up on tone and body language (even with the limitations of Skype) to size up where my thoughts and feelings were at key junctures. Even in four sessions (on top of "homework assignments"), we managed to cover a lot of ground. Marianne made sure we didn't get lost in side issues and other distractions and kept a laser focus on my own aims as I had laid them out at the beginning. The process was unlike any other I had encountered in the past, and turned up quite a few surprises. I'd highly recommend Marianne to anyone feeling a little blocked in a job, on a career path or with personal project.

Deborah Cole

Marianne provided me with some extremely useful sessions to support me in my professional life. She helped me build confidence, see 'the obvious' in situations, and see my workplace role in a clearer and more positive light. I came away with some really good hands-on tools to cope in challenging situations and also a much better sense of self awareness as a professional! Thanks Marianne!


Through honest, reflective and positive work together, I have increased my understanding of myself, my fears, my talents and my power. Focusing on what is important – not just urgent - in my life, spending time and putting thought into what is going on, supported and guided and energized by Marianne has been really effective for me. I can’t think of a better way to address the big, neglected and difficult issues. And I can't think of a better, more talented coach to work with. I simply cannot recommend coaching with Marianne highly enough.

Aileen Lyon
Freelance consultant, UK

Along with Marianne's wealth of experience dealing with the layers of conscious and less conscious motivations and reactions of her clients, her innate intuition and sharp intelligence support much deeper, and further, personal exploration than the average coach (or counsellor). She sees and hears potential paths and progress for you, picking up on nuances and information with precision and incisive clarity. Although very serious about the success of her clients, she is also light and understanding of personal challenges, creating a very safe place in which to explore unchartered horizons. I HIGHLY recommend her to anyone who wants more from any arena of their lives.

Cecilia Leete
Designer and Manufacturer, UK

I want to celebrate Marianne. When you meet her, she connects with you deeply within a very short time and you just KNOW that with her you are safe. I thought I could benefit from coaching to sort out my chaotically busy life which is made up of a full time job, husband, three kids and four dogs, sport and social activities. So I asked Marianne to help me do so. She did not sort out anything. Instead, she showed me how to recognise the real underlying issues that was preventing me from appreciating and enjoying my wonderful, rich life. Then she was there to guide and support me to face up to each issue that revealed itself and to deal with it appropriately. Hard work and very tough at times! But so rewarding too. The outcomes were amazing! I have learned so much about myself in this process and I will recommend this personal journey under Marianne's expert and sensitive guidance to everyone who wants to make the most of his/her life.

Santie de Villiers
Scientist and University Lecturer, Kenya

Marianne makes you work through your goals and makes you accountable for decisions you need to make. She is a keen listener; able to pick on many nuances and asks focused questions to make you reflect on what you have said. She is not afraid to challenge you or tread on issues. Each session ended with concrete goals and agreed-upon results l needed to work on as well as a client feedback form that l was to hand prior to the session. This makes you think before your sessions and keeps you honest and accountable. I found her very perceptive and this could be attributed to the synergy between her qualities as a counselor and a coach. She provided the necessary support l needed to address the goals l had before our sessions. I would recommend Marianne as a coach to anyone who is serious about working on their plan or finding out what they really want to do.

D. O.
Sub Sahara Africa Communications Specialist