“But what if I fall?”

“Oh! But my dear…

what if you fly?”


How I work

Free consultation

The first session is free of charge. We can get to know each other and clarify anything we might want to know of each other. Easy - no strings attached - just contact me and we will arrange for a free 45 minutes meeting. You will get a clear sense of who I am and how I work which will help you decide on how to proceed.


Commitment is key for a successful process. Without it you can't overcome the crucial hurdles that stand in the way to the life you want. Once you have decided to work with me, we will agree on how (in person or online) when and how frequently we are going to meet. While your commitment is to take responsibility for the process by applying yourself to your inner work, and showing up in time, my commitment is to be fully present to you with who I am and what I know, and to make sure we are moving steadily towards your designated goal. I will send you a list of packages you can choose from: from 1 month to a whole year.


If you feel like: "I have no idea what's wrong here or what I really want!" - don't worry, that's quite common. Exploring your situation will help you in defining your goal, in fact, it will become an important part of our work together. Once it's clear, we will check in on it regularly to make sure we are on the right course; if a new insight allows you a deeper understanding of your situation, your might consider redefining or adjusting your coaching objective. This is how your focus gets more and more sharpened and aligned with what really matters to you.


We will meet on a regular basis - according to your needs - usually weekly for 60 minutes. This includes email support in between sessions. Each meeting has a clear agenda as a step towards your goal. You'll get something to work on till the next session to support the deepening of your learning.


This is the time to acknowledge your courage to engage in this journey and to celebrate your accomplishments. I strongly encourage my clients to write their own growth summary at the end of our process, by going through their notes and picking out the jewels.
If you wish you can also order a Coaching summary from me.
This will help you to see where you have started off and where you have arrived by the end of the Coaching process. It's always impressive to see black on white how much work had been involved, how many insights have been gained, and how many gifts this process has provided.
It truly is an adventure!

Hiring a Coach is hiring a supporting relationship
That goes far beyond our weekly sessions.
It’s an investment into your
Personal development and
Your happiness.

My Services

– Erin Hanson


Clients usually come with a sense of unhappiness or dissatisfaction with life. In the process we often find that the “obvious” reason for this might only be a symptom of something much deeper that is asking for attention and care. We look at your core values and needs and how these are aligned with the life you are living, and we clear the space around your dreams that have been locked away. The purpose of this exciting journey together is this: your claim of a fulfilling life, a life that really matters.   

Hiring me as your Coach is hiring a supporting relationship that goes beyond the weekly session. It’s an investment in your personal development and your happiness.

I work with you individually either in person or via Skype, Zoom or Whatsapp.


I am a public speaker and available for presentations on topics around personal development, crisis management, parenting and communication. Please check my blog for more topics. 

Here are a few examples:


  • Why Crisis are Important for every Relationship

  • The Black Sheep – and why we so urgently need it

  • Patience – what it is, how we get it, and why we need it for our kids

  • The House of many Rooms – our capacity to change in an Instant

  • Midlife – its Gifts and Challenges

  • Forgiveness – why it is so important for our mental health and how to do it

– Erin Hanson

– Erin Hanson


I am passionate about getting people together for deep sharing and connecting. Be it a “Sisterhood Retreat” in Tuscany or a workshop about the Midlife transition – experiencing community with like-minded people is precious and profoundly healing. My experience has convinced me that authentic connections are key to personal growth and happiness.